In the words of Brene Brown, ‘Connection is why we are here, it is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives.’ In a time rife with disconnection, many of our kids are starving for it. Lost in screens or hiding behind texts, most kids aren’t learning how to reach out, how to move past electronic surface contact and look someone in the eyes while shaking their hands. Most kids have not been taught how to move through the vulnerability that comes with dialing a number to ask for help, too many kids are feeling anxious, isolated and alone.

At Buckeye we encourage our seeds to reach out to their community and tap into the powerful resource it is. We want our seeds to build powerful networks where they can connect, receive support and share it. To help them, we have created the Buckeye Human Library where our seeds can reach out and connect with caring members of our community sharing aid, comfort, guidance, and support.

What is a Human Library?

Most of us have experienced the joy of a trip to a library to find a book on a subject you hope to learn more about. From cooking to surfing, science experiments to animals, there are always resources available to help us gain knowledge and apply new skills. At Buckeye, we believe that YOU are a book, a wealth of knowledge that our seeds can draw upon to learn and grow. Perhaps you’re a talented chef, skilled at mechanic work, or want to pass on your knowledge of financial skills. All that you have learned through your life is valuable, and acts as a book that our students can “read” and draw upon.

Our human books help find and fix bugs hiding in code, share recipes, teach kids how to build a fire, share life experiences, they bring music to Buckeye, and more! We would love to add you and your amazing energy to our library.

As a "book" in the library, our students or co-learners may contact you to:

  • be interviewed
  • answer questions via email or phone
  • provide feedback or mentorship on a student's project
  • visit a group to talk about your work or life experiences
  • inquire about shadow day, tour, internship, apprenticeship, or job opportunities

We know it takes a tribe and we are grateful to include you in ours.

If you would like to be a human book for our seeds please fill out the form below: