Core Values

Buckeyes are innovative thinkers, Makers and Doers. We are not afraid to make mistakes or to try something new. For us, success is in the doing, mistakes are simply road signs we use to find another way. At Buckeye, we understand that comfort is the antithesis of durable learning and that learning a new skill takes hard work and practice. Trophies are not given to us, we earn them. 

Buckeyes love being outside of the box and outside of our comfort zones where we can test our courage and develop our confidence.

Buckeyes are trailblazers using our curiosity and creativity to joyfully explore the world. We love sharing our enthusiasm and our community is open to everyone. We include peoples from all races, religions, regions and beliefs, Buckeye is LGBTQ affirming and all inclusive. We stand up for what we believe is right and work hard to protect people, animals and environments that need our help. 

Here are our Core Values, these are not aspirational, these are who we are. If the next bit blows your hair back, then Buckeye may be the perfect place for your child and family. 

Courageous - Many people think we are impossible, they can’t imagine a school that puts so much trust into their students. At BFS we get to study what interests us most, using the tools we like best. These include chop saws, power drills, band saws, pocket knives, spray paint, glue guns, robots, drones and more.

Innovative Thinkers, Makers and Doers - look at what we achieve. One of us thought of a rocket ship, the rest of us came together to manifest it. When done, it will be 3 stories and 24’ high! We also built a bridge that can carry the weight of a semi and a boat that carried the whole school across the lake.

Passionate -Have you ever seen a dance troupe with so much enthusiasm or an 8 year old child march for her beliefs? These things are not unusual at Buckeye, we are engaged, we are learning who we are, what we love and the things we are great at. 

Joyful - most days it’s like a version of Disneyland here. Our program is designed for us to overcome intense challenges, challenges and goals we have set for ourselves. Not everyone gets a trophy at BFS, our accomplishments are earned through hard work and perseverance. Few things generate joy like overcoming obstacles with one's own grit and determination. 

Curious & Creative - Our curiosity drives our creativity. Buckeyes design and build boats, dog houses, bridges and rocket ships. We write novels, travel to far off places, draw stories, enact plays, choreograph dances, write songs, plant farms, paint pumpkins, sing, drive drone, code robots and more.  

Outside the box - At Buckeye, we don’t have grades, we don’t take tests, we don’t have homework and yet our kids solve complicated real world problems like, ‘How do we finish this bridge?’ At BFS, we are so far outside the box, our teachers often need to remind us when they are learning complex subjects like physics and engineering  because our interdisciplinary, experiential approach doesn’t feel like a typical test. For example, finishing the bridge is a sophisticated, complicated challenge involving applied math, physics and geometry. Rather than being given a theoretical test on paper on the mathematics of bridge building, we are tasked with engineering an actual bridge  that can safely carry us and the people we love across the pit of despair. 

Buckeyes are Inclusive, Kind, and Caring. Our doors are open to everyone. Most students, parents, and teachers at Buckeye are not Quaker;  we follow varied religious and spiritual traditions, but our identity as a Friends School is central to who we are. We believe everyone is of equal worth because there is that of God in us all.  

Someone once asked our founder Kristie, if Jesus created a school today, what would it look like? We believe it would look a LOT like Buckeye. A place where everyone has value, a place where we listen to one another whether we agree or disagree, a place where we can learn to tolerate discomfort, to respect differences and most importantly where we can work together to make the world a better place. 

Welcome to Buckeye Friends School - learning reimagined