Craig Lindvahl

Craig Lindvahl is recognized as an award-winning filmmaker and educator of more than thirty years, with experience in every grade k-12. His travels as a filmmaker and musician provided opportunities to work with young people from more than 25 countries. In addition to his many accolades, Craig notably was at the forefront of many groundbreaking educational ventures. Craig's time as the Executive Director of the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship in Effingham County, Illinois provided a wealth of experience, and his vision and guidance have been instrumental to Buckeye Friends School and its mission. 

"I challenge you today to not let anybody take away whatever your Buckeye is." - Craig Lindhavl

Current Board Members


Christa Kabbes

Christa Kabbes was born and raised in Effingham and attended Indiana University where she earned a BA in Psychology. After school, Christa moved to LA and worked  in social media management and content development where she realized that she wanted to make a difference/impact in the world. Christa was always passionate about mental health and decided to pursue a master's of science in clinical counseling at Eastern Illinois University. She will be graduating in May 2020 with the title of Licensed Professional Counselor. 

She is excited about empowering young generations, especially young women and fostering change in her rural community. She prides herself as a strong ally and advocate for minority groups, and celebrates all races, religions, and sexual orientations. Christa's goal is to create more knowledge and awareness surrounding mental health in her community. 
Christa feels honored and ecstatic to be apart of the Buckeye team, as the Buckeye mission parallels her goals for the future of the community. Her favorite part about Buckeye is that they pay attention to all parts of a student, not just the academic parts. She hopes to share her knowledge of mental health with students at Buckeye for years to come. 

Donnie Wilson

Donnie Wilson is President of the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship. He began his career as a 17 year old in 1977, and today shares his passion by advising and mentoring young entrepreneurs. It's an honor to have him as a member of Buckeye Friends School as he serves as a great example of vision and enthusiasm for a new generation.


Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson began dancing at a local studio at the age of 3. At the age of 12, she started teaching dance at the same studio, and continued on to dance at the collegiate level. During college, Rachel majored in Mass Communications with a double minor in psychology and sociology. After college, she purchased the studio and ran the studio where she originally began her dancing career for the next 8 years. Rachel's biggest accomplishment is her 15th month old son, Truman, who makes her a better person and in the summer of 2019, she closed the doors in June to spend more time with him. She is happy to share her time and her unique background with our Buckeye family. Kids are Rachel's passion, and she loves that Buckeye nurtures passion in return for the seeds and instill much more than just learning.

Christy Dietzen

Christy Dietzen

A native to Effingham, Christy Dietzen graduated from the University of North Texas with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies. She began her teaching career in Plano, TX as a Learning Disabilities and 1st grade teacher. After meeting the love of her life, she returned to Effingham and had her two children, Abigail and Teddy.  Christy’s passion for teaching has led her to dive into the instruction of everything from senior fitness to movement classes for children to diverse special education classrooms, including time as director of a three year old preschool program. She’s excited to take the next step in her education journey as a Co-Learner at Buckeye Friends School.

Carrie Huff

Carrie Huff

Carrie Huff has been an educator for over 40 years. She began teaching middle school Language Arts in St. Louis in 1970 and then moved to Maine, where she taught Language Arts, Theatre, French, and Biology for 12 years. She and her family moved to North Carolina in 1992, where she joined the staff of the Carolina Friends School (CFS), a small Quaker school in the woods. During her 25 years at CFS, she was both a teacher and an administrator. After her retirement, Carrie and her husband Greg moved to Effingham in 2017, and she is the very proud mother of 3 grown children and 5 amazing grandchildren. Carrie is excited to be a part of the new Buckeye team!

Kristie Campbell

Kristie Campbell

Kristie Campbell has been a part of the Effingham community since she returned in 2004 to create firefly grill with her husband, Niall. A self taught educator, Kristie began to define her vision for an innovative school when she was pregnant with her daughter Camden. Buckeye Friends School is based on a deep belief that all kids have limitless potential and a great opportunity to thrive when they are given the freedom to explore, create and pursue their own passions. Kristie wants Buckeye to be the most interesting place on earth for her students, and a space where the only reason they look at the clock is because they are afraid there won’t be enough time left in the day.


Lacy Roedl

Lacy Roedl is an Altamont native who now resides in Effingham with her boyfriend and two dogs. She attended Eastern Illinois University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. After graduation, Lacy moved to Chattanooga, TN where she worked in corporate accounting for a year before returning to Effingham and accepting a position as the Chief Financial Officer of Firefly Grill and Buckeye Friends School. Lacy is excited to be a part of the BFS Board. She hopes to use her accounting knowledge to educate the younger generation on budgeting tools and ways to invest in their futures.