What is Buckeye?

Buckeye Friends is an innovative project-based-experiential learning school offering Pre-K through 12th grade curriculum. 

We prioritize wholehearted living while honoring the needs of the whole child; body, mind and soul. At Buckeye we empower our kids with freedom to craft their own stories, define and measure their own success while teaching them that their choices will change the world. 

Buckeye Friends School teaches kids how to live. Our  modern, challenging, learner centric curriculum is shared in mixed age pods. Along with a strong STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and literacy foundation, our students enjoy a living classroom in the sustainable farm, Garden the Great, they run. Our students have the opportunity to visit businesses, museums, theater, nature preserves and more. 

At Buckeye our ideas are big and our classes are small, we have an 8 to 1 student to teacher ratio. We prioritize interdisciplinary and applied study, our students work on real-world problems rooted in their lived experiences. By working across disciplinary boundaries, our learners acquire deeper and more durable knowledge which they can access long after their project is completed or their problem is solved.

Buckeye is Inclusive, Kind, and Caring. Our doors are open to everyone. Most students, parents, and teachers at Buckeye are not Quaker, we follow varied religious traditions, but our identity as a Friends School is central to who we are. We believe everyone is of equal worth, because there is that of God in us all.