Buckeye League before school and after-school program

BFS is excited to offer this service to parents whose working hours do not coincide with Buckeye’s school hours and for seeds who simply love hanging out at Buckeye. 

Parents will fill out a monthly calendar and deliver it to our Director along with a check prior to the beginning of each period so that our program director can staff additional help when needed. We will try and accommodate last minute additions, yet we will not be able to refund cancellations. 

The fees support our caregivers’ salaries as well as supplying resources for our seeds to play and create. 

Because of Covid for the foreseeable future we are not able to provide food, neither breakfast nor snacks. We ask that families provide a big plastic bin that they keep stocked with non perishable items for the week. Seeds are welcome to pack perishables in their lunch for after-school snacks, but we will also need a backup in case these items are too tasty to last until the end of the day. Spring water will be provided from our big water machine. Stringent cleaning protocols will be applied at the water cooler along with all points of contact within our school.

 Monday - Friday (7:30am to 9am)

1 Child: $6
2 Children: $9
3 Children: $12
4 Children: $15

Monday - Friday (3pm to 5:30pm)

1 Child: $9
2 Children: $14
3 Children: $19
4 Children: $22

Half Days

1 Child: $16
2 Children: $22
3 Children: $28
4 Children: $30

It is important that we respect the time of our director and support staff. We have a 10 minute grace period such that after the first 10 minutes, late pick-ups will incur a $5 late fee per 15 every minutes.

For More Information Please Contact Our Buckeye League Director

Dawn Hootselle at dawn@buckeyefs.com or 618-806-7364.