Buckeye League before and after school program

BFS is excited to offer this service to parents whose working hours do not coincide with Buckeye’s school hours and for seeds who simply love hanging out at Buckeye. 

Parents will submit their child’s attendance for the following week by Friday to Dawn via text or email. After the conclusion of the month each family will be billed and payment will be expected by the 15th. If payment is not received by the 15th a 5% late fee will be added for each week the payment is past due. We will try to accommodate last minute additions, however, we can not guarantee due to staffing requirements.

The fees support our caregivers’ salaries as well as supplying resources for our seeds to play and create. 

Seeds are welcome to pack food in their lunch for afterschool snacks. Spring water will be provided from our big water machine. 

Morning Program 

7:30am to 9am Monday – Friday

1 Child: $6

2 Children: $9

3 Children: $12 

4 Children : $15


3pm to 5:30pm

Monday – Friday

1 Child: $9

2 Children: $14

3 Children: $19 

4 Children : $22


Half Days

1 Child: $16

(Other than the 1st week of school) 2 Children: $22

3 Children: $28

4 Children : $30


It is important that we respect the time of our director and support staff. Late pick-ups will incur a $5 per 15 minute late fee. 

For More Information Please Contact:

Our Buckeye League Director 

Dawn Hootselle dawn@buckeyefs.com Cell: 618-806-7364

Mila Cell: 708-821-0900