Co-learner is the word we use for teacher at Buckeye. Our co-learners serve as collaborators, mentors, supporters, and allies. They go hand-in-hand with their seeds into adventures and explorations.

We know that kids thrive when they feel loved. We know that listening is one of the greatest expressions of love. Our Buckeye co-learners are exceptional listeners. They hear creativity, curiosity and the desire to learn. They listen intently for opportunities to inspire, cultivate creativity and guide our seeds through their self-discovery and subject mastery.

Our co-learners understand that they too must show up and be seen, they must share their vulnerabilities and imperfections in order to model the courage needed to live with integrity. They believe that all children are worthy of love and belonging. They work to inspire curiosity, cultivate creativity and help our seeds discover who they are and what they love to do.