Our Philosophy

We believe school should be the most interesting place on earth where the only time our students look at the clock is to marvel at how quickly the hours are passing.

At Buckeye we believe that all children have infinite potential and that our job as co-learners is to help them free it. We prioritize play because it is the instinctive drive that kids use to educate themselves. We know that all children learn differently, giving kids the freedom to choose which subjects and tools work best for them unlocks their natural joy and motivation to learn.

We know that the most valuable answer is rarely the correct answer, at Buckeye F stands for find another way. We believe our kids need a deep sense of love and belonging to thrive within the social media swipe culture they are facing. Learning can happen anywhere, we believe in helping our kids discover it everywhere. We do not believe we can help our kids meet this rapidly changing future by doing what we have done in the past. We believe in playing the long game and structuring learning that will help our kids far beyond getting into college, we are thinking about how it will help them in 20, 30 or 50 years. Our kids have Google, knowing in many ways is obsolete, teaching them to think critically and strategically across multiple disciplines will give them the confidence and agency to navigate our accelerating world.

We create space at Buckeye for kids to explore who they are and what they love to do. We believe that gratitude, trust, vulnerability and courage are essential and that kindness, respect and equality are non-negotiable.