Dream to Do

Buckeye is a Pre-K-12 school in Effingham, IL that fosters students growth through authentic project-based learning experiences that grow agency, self-advocacy, and love of learning.

Real Tools,
Real Materials,
Real Challenges

Why wait until you’re an adult to make meaningful contributions to the world?

Buckeye reimagines Pre-K-12 education as a time to build your capacity to impact your community…by making an actual impact.

F stands for find another way

You want to grow a garden? Ok!

You want to start a small business to raise money for tornado victims? Let’s do it!

You want to build a rocketship? Let’s figure it out together!

Children are instinctual learners. Buckeye Friends School honors students’ agency by partnering with them on their educational path. That is why we call our teachers co-learners.

"It wasn't a good day it was the best day ever!"

-Monroe, student

Our Purpose at Buckeye is to help our kids and their families cultivate the confidence, courage and skills needed to live and thrive in our rapidly changing world.