How We Learn

Buckeye is a Pre-K-12 learning community that creates meaningful learning experiences through hands-on, project-based experiential learning.

Students use real tools, real materials, and real problems to develop a love of learning, curiosity about the world, tenacity to think big, and persistence to do amazing things.

Our program is based on the principle that everything is interesting. We trust that children are instinctual learners, and we honor their leadership and partnership in their educational path.

The school frames topics for exploration and encourages children to take on projects they are passionate about, while also fostering the development of a multitude of skills. Students are full partners in their own education, and every child is known and understood by their collaborators and the staff. Co-learners strive to build bonds with the students, challenge them, support them, and create with them so each can find their most beautiful version of themselves.

The events of the last two years have highlighted to us that the traditional model of learning does not serve learners who will become the leaders of the future. With all the issues that we are facing as a society, from the worldwide pandemic, continued political unrest, the lasting impacts of systemic racism, and the damages of climate change, our children need learning communities that foster their sense of agency, community, critical thinking, and possibility. And our world needs needs voracious, self-directed learners who see tough problems as puzzles.

  • Buckeye focuses on the positive - what a child CAN do - we build on strengths not weaknesses
  • We focus on desired behavior by using third party affirmations and other ways to highlight and encourage
  • Our common tongue empowers kids to find their voice and champion their own problem solving
  • We help our seeds name the problem and discover solutions
  • We connect at Buckeye before we correct
  • When a member steps over a boundary we recognize, reconcile and resolve
  • Our common tongue encourages independence and self-responsibility by answering questions with questions.
  • Buckeye common tongue validates feelings - I hear that you are angry, I see that you are sad, can you use your words to tell me how you are feeling?
  • We do not use punitive words - we do not need to make a child feel bad to be good
  • We don’t believe in good or bad children, we are all equal
  • We honor privacy and never correct across the room
  • We do not speak at children, we speak with children