True-Play PreK

True-Play PreK is focused on preserving the spark for learning that children have, fostering curiosity, and utilizing a child’s intrinsic inclination to view learning as an exciting and rewarding process that will continue throughout their lives.

At Buckeye, we believe that children are competent and capable citizens who are full of wonder and curiosity to learn. We know that children come into the world equipped with a strong drive to learn. This natural drive makes them want to understand and know about the world around them and how this world relates to them.

Through play, our youngest students explore their surroundings – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Each child is unique, and at True-Play our teachers focus on the interests and strengths of each child, helping them develop a strong foundation and love of learning.

We also offer Buckeye League, which is our before/after school program!

We challenge our young seeds with hands-on activities and wide open spaces, while creating opportunities for them to connect with Buckeye seeds in older pods. We find that often the biggest motivation for a child to master a new skill is to see an older child doing it.